The Year Ahead

Stable Orbit January 7, 2018

With the new year now firmly upon us, I’d like to update you on what’s in store for Codalyn in 2018.

Mechamania Team Up
I have teamed up with Mechamania on two interconnected projects. The first project we are collaborating on is the development of Motor, a new lean-and-mean game engine that will power upcoming Codalyn games and the virtual reality experience that Mechamania is creating. Development on Motor actually already started back in March, but we are now finally far enough along that we can begin to talk about it in public. The second project is the game at the heart of the Mechamania experience, for which I am now the lead developer. Together, these two projects will do more than enough to keep me quite busy for the first half of the year.

Game #2
After the Mechamania game project wraps up, I expect to spend the remainder of the year (and potentially part of 2019) on the development of my second game. I am not quite ready yet to share what this next game called, what it will be about or even what kind of game it will be – except that it won’t be another simulation game and that, as mentioned above, it will be powered by Motor instead of Unity. As time rolls on, I will have more to share on this exciting (I think) next project. Stay tuned!

Stable Orbit
What about Stable Orbit in 2018? The game has sold quite well during the last quarter and I keep getting word from players who are thoroughly enjoying themselves, so naturally I want to continue supporting the game in the coming year. The main limiting factor at the moment is me – there is just one of me and only so many hours in a day/week/month in which to get stuff done. I’m investigating options to bring some additional hands on board to help realize some of the ideas I have for Stable Orbit without compromising my other projects. I’ll share more about these plans once they have solidified.

All in all, it is looking to be an exciting year!