I have some really sad news today: I have decided to cease all development on Privacy.


There isn’t an easy or complete answer I can give to this question, but I suppose it comes down in a large part to the fact that game development is tough. With every new game you are constantly running into unsolved (and sometimes unsolvable) problems, since no game is exactly like the one you made before it. Developing Privacy has very much been an up-and-down thing, with periods of great productivity… but also long stretches of me being stuck on a certain problem, be it in code, design or even narrative. Added to that mix are my responsibilities towards my young family and towards my clients, who provide the contract work that has kept me afloat during Privacy’s development.

Earlier this week, it reached a point where I realized I was not on track to finish the game before the planned release date and neither could I bear to extend the development even further than I already had. Privacy was originally going to be a six-month project… that had somehow ballooned into a 2.5 year all consuming monster. And that “all consuming” part may was a problem too. In a way, I was always working on Privacy! Even in my sleep, I often dreamt about working on Privacy.

I long to be free of this. To have space in my head for things other than this… game.

What Now?

First of all, there’s no need to worry about me. Codalyn will continue. I have a solid amount of contract work lined up and, with Privacy out of the way, a healthy amount of breathing room in my schedule.

I’m still interested in developing my hybrid raytracer further, perhaps even build it out to a fully scalable solution that’ll run on your phone as well as on high-spec RTX cards.

And, in time, I may return to developing my own games. Life is strange…


Needless to say, if you were amongst the people who have pre-ordered Privacy, you will be receiving a full refund shortly. Thanks a million for your trust in me and I am sorry that I wasn’t able to deliver.