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Codalyn unveils Privacy

Privacy Jim Offerman March 7, 2019

Nijmegen, The Netherlands, March 7, 2019 – Codalyn, the independent studio behind Stable Orbit, has today revealed its forthcoming title, Privacy. In the summer of 2079, you are sent to the home of Robert-Paul den Heer, the billionaire CEO of DENHEER, Inc. who has recently died in a car crash. You task is ostensibly simple: secure Mr. Den Heer’s undisclosed research for the company. When you enter the house, however, you soon discover that Robert-Paul was…

Game #2 Reveal Teaser

A Year of Blossoming

Privacy Jim Offerman January 4, 2019

Happy New Year! Last year turned out to be a far quieter year than I had anticipated. The two projects I worked on both ended up taking longer than expected to reach fruition. Last I heard, the team at Mechamania are making great progress with Exoleap – albeit without me, since I have been chipping away at game #2 for the past six months. It’s been wonderful to now see the seeds of the idea…