Privacy is a narrative adventure in a Dutch countryside villa.

In the summer of 2079, you are sent to the home of Robert-Paul den Heer, a billionaire CEO who is recently deceased. As you approach the lavish villa, your boss calls to remind you of your task: secure Mr. Den Heer's latest research. Hubert, the house AI, has been informed of your arrival and will assist you in retrieving the files. This job will be easy.

Except it's not.

Hubert discovers that his programming has been tampered with, preventing him from even allowing you into the office. Soon, you find yourself going through personal items in an attempt to find, well, something - anything that may grant you access to the files.

As you dig deeper, you slowly piece together a series of events that shaped Mr. Den Heer's past, our present... and more.


What is Privacy?
Privacy is a narrative adventure in a Dutch countryside villa. Explore the home of deceased billionaire Robert-Paul den Heer to piece together events that shaped his past, our present… and more.

Who is making Privacy?
Privacy is being developed by me, Jim Offerman.

Wait… are you doing everything by yourself?
Pretty much! I'm using some pre-existing assets and the finished game will feature a small voice cast, but everything else? Story, game design, programming, art, sound and music are all done by me. Pfew!

When will the game be released?
I plan to release Privacy in 2020.

On which platforms?
Privacy will initially be available on Windows and macOS.

Can I pre-order Privacy?
Yes! Pre-order Privacy on and I'll add your name to the credits as a thank you for your early support. You may also wishlist Privacy on Steam.

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