Space is dangerous. Survival is a challenge.

Design, build and control your own space station. Mission command and control is in your hands and only careful planning and vigilant supervision will keep your crew and space station safe. Manage scarce resources, survive a multitude of disasters and fund your station’s growth by completing research projects.

Stable Orbit is a highly realistic space management simulation game. Set in 2034, an unprecedented ‘All Nations Space Coalition’ has been formed around a shared desire to rebuild mankind’s permanent presence in space. But space is a dangerous place. The only things between survival and your crew suffocating, blood boiling and radiation overdose are the thin walls of the space station.

As Station Commander, can the crew rely on you? In the words of legendary NASA Flight Director Gene Kranz: “failure is not an option!”

I enjoyed the starry skies and floating tranquillity

Brendan Caldwell, Rock Paper Shotgun

I can genuinely see this being a great and time absorbing game to say the least.

Chris Wray, WCCF Tech

The look of the game is impressive

Andy O’Flaherty, Flyckering Myth

Key Features

  • Command a realistic space station subject to the laws of real astro-physics
  • Enjoy a relaxing yet tense simulation game
  • Manage your crew and very scarce resources
  • Complete contracts to earn money and unlock new modules
  • Build realistic and complex space structures with moving parts
  • Fly over a detailed model of the earth
  • Survive disasters, calamities and events
  • Manage your station’s orbit
  • Build the station of your dreams in Sandbox Mode



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