Privacy Policy

Thank you for taking the time to review my privacy policy. As my general rule, I try to avoid storing personal information. However, some data is necessary for Codalyn to operate as a business. On this page I explain what information may be collected by me or on my behalf and how to unsubscribe from my newsletter or opt-out of analytics tracking.


When you subscribe to my newsletter with your name and email address, I (securely) store your information on my server. I only use this information to send you the newsletter and do not share the information with anyone else. If you wish to withdraw your consent and stop hearing from me, click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of every newsletter or email me at, and I will remove all your information from my server.

Website analytics

I use Google Analytics tracking cookies to help me understand how people are navigating this site. To ensure that tracking is completely anonymous, the last octet of your IP address has been masked. To further protect your privacy, I have set the data retention period to the minimum offered by Google and disabled advertising features as well as all forms of data sharing.

Click here to opt-out of Google Analytics for from your current browser.

Game analytics

My games may collect anonymous performance and progression data that helps me fix bugs and understand how people play. You are offered the choice to opt-in for this data collection on the first run of the game and may opt-out again at any time by unchecking the “Collect anonymous performance and progression data” checkbox in the main menu.

Stable Orbit used Unity Analytics from the launch of Early Access until the end of March, 2018. I no longer have access to this data.

Buyer location

Due to the 2015 VAT MOSS regulations, EU-based sellers require evidence of buyer location for all digital goods purchases. Buyer location is collected on my behalf by, Steam, The Humble Store and other stores that sell my games. I do not have direct access to this information.

Data access and erasure

Under the GDPR, EU citizens have the right to access their personal data or have their personal data erased. I generally do not have any identifiable personal data beyond your name and email address and then only so long as you are subscribed to my newsletter. Nonetheless, if you wish to obtain a copy of your personal data or have it erased from my records, please contact me at

March 25, 2019